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The British Dietetic Association awards and prestigious honours recognise the outstanding contributions individuals make in promoting the BDA and advancing dietetics. We bestow these annually to our members who do so much for us.

BDA Honours

It is so important to thank colleagues when they make a difference. The BDA Honours recognise and reward BDA members who go above and beyond, those who inspire others and are making a real difference. 

If you know someone who have made a real impact on dietetics nominate them for a BDA Honour today! 

The BDA Honours Committee considers nominations for the Ibex and Fellowship honours. Honours can be considered all year round. To find out more about the Honours Committee, please click here

Roll of Honour

The Roll of Honour recognises and rewards BDA members who have gone above and beyond to make a significant contribution to a defined piece of work or activity in the past year. The Roll of Honour is awarded by the BDA Board of Directors throughout the year. Nominations can be received at any time of year.


The Ibex honour for Professional Achievement recognises individuals who have shown personal commitment and made significant contributions to the BDA and the dietetic profession, either locally or in a specific speciality, over at least 5 years.


Fellowship is the BDA’s highest honour. It is given in recognition of over 10 years of committed and inspirational service to the BDA and dietetic profession at a national or international level. Fellows have promoted the highest standards in the science and practice of dietetics and gained recognition as a leader, role model or mentor.


BDA Awards 

BDA awards celebrates outstanding individuals within the dietetic profession. This year we want to recognise a fuller range of dietetic achievement. So, we are introducing seven new awards at this year’s bigger and better Awards Dinner! 

NEW for 2020 - Student Champion of the Year Award

Supported by Yakult, this award celebrates a student who has contributed over and above the requirements of their course to promote the dietetic profession.


NEW for 2020 - Rising Star Award

This award is to recognise a rising star who have been in dietetics for 10 years or less who have created significant impact in the profession, in the early stages of their careers.

NEW for 2020 - Outstanding Achiever Award

This award is to recognise one person who has created significant impact in the profession throughout their career and has been working in the profession for 10 years or more.

NEW for 2020 - Social Media Influencer of the Year Award

Supported by California Walnuts, this award is to celebrate an individual or group who have been particularly influential on social media. It could be across a range of social media channels or just one, and could be a specific campaign or a range of activities.

NEW for 2020 - Digital Innovation Award

This award is to recognize outstanding achievements in integrating technology into dietetic practice. Technology can enhance dietetic practice, and service user experience. Such quality improvement initiatives can improve both clinical outcomes and efficiency. Therefore, we actively recommend members of the BDA to be innovative and explore avenues for quality improvement through the use of technology. This award is to acknowledge and celebrate successful digital innovations, and encourage sharing of best practice.

NEW for 2020 - Dorothy Hopwood Award

The newly created Dorothy Hopwood Award for Professional Achievement recognises a dietetic support worker who has made a valuable and significant contribution to the profession. 
This award is open to dietetic support workers who are BDA members and who can demonstrate innovation and new ways of working within nutrition and dietetic services. The project/work may be undertaken on a multi-disciplinary basis though the contribution of the dietetic support worker must be clearly illustrated within the application.


BDA Branch of the Year Award

Our 13 Local Branches deliver local support and development for members. They are a vital part of the BDA providing events, CPD opportunities and access to networking. 
The BDA Board of Directors recognises, each year, one Branch which has typified excellence and best practice.

BDA Specialist Group of the Year Award

We have over 20 Specialist Groups who each make a unique and significant contribution to the BDA's work. They respond to national consultations, represent the profession, advance clinical specialisms, support members and so much more.

Each year the BDA Board of Directors says thank you to one Group which has demonstrated why it should be regarded 'Specialist Group of the Year'.

NEW for 2020 - BDA PEN® Achiever Award

As PEN® is written for dietitians, by dietitians, our members make a significant contribution to the evidence-base of PEN®. We want to acknowledge those that help to ensure PEN® remains one of our most valued member benefits. 
With this award, the BDA office recognises a member that has made an outstanding contribution to the PEN® system throughout the year.

BDA Ambassador of the Year

Our Ambassadors make a huge contribution. They represent the BDA on a whole range of Committees, working groups and task forces within Government, alongside other professions and in other organisations. Without our Ambassadors we could not influence policy or advocate for the profession to the same extent.

With this award, our office thanks the Ambassador who has made the most significant contribution to the way in which we represent our members and the profession.

BDA Media Spokesperson of the Year

Our significant media presence be impossible without our volunteer spokespeople. They provide a media presence across the printed word, online and on the TV and radio. Our spokespeople represent the BDA and the dietetic profession, often at short notice throughout the year on a wide range of topics. 
This award recognises a spokesperson who has gone above and beyond in their role, by tackling difficult or high-profile stories or through providing consistent high-quality support. 

Mary Turner Award

Trade Union Representative of the Year – named in memory of former BDA President Mary Turner, a tireless advocate of women in trade unionism and nutrition for school children.

Our members turn to our Trade Union Reps in times of need and they are essential to our support to the profession. They make time to listen to members, solve problems and make a huge difference to members' lives.

This award thanks one Representative who has demonstrated the qualities of excellence and commitment.

Previous Winners

BDA Specialist Group of the Year

  • 2019 - Diabetes Specialist Group
  • 2018 - Oncology Specialist Group
  • 2017 - Freelance Specialist Group
  • 2016 - Renal Nutrition Specialist Group
  • 2015 - Critical Care Specialist Group (Dietitians in Critical Care)
  • 2014 - Older People Specialist Group (NAGE - Nutrition Advisory Group for Older People)

BDA Branch of the Year

  • 2019 - Yorkshire Branch
  • 2018 - East Scotland Branch
  • 2017 - Yorkshire Branch
  • 2016 - South West England Branch
  • 2015 - Glasgow & West Scotland Branch
  • 2014 - London Branch

BDA Media Spokesperson of the Year 

  • 2019 - Clare Thornton-Wood
  • 2018 - Linia Patel
  • 2017 - Anna Daniels
  • 2016 - Abigail Wilson
  • 2015 - Priya Tew
  • 2014 - Sioned Quirke

BDA Ambassador of the Year 

  • 2019 - Ursula Arens
  • 2018 - Dr Megan Whelan
  • 2017 - Alison Smith
  • 2016 - Anne Donolan
  • 2015 - Alison Nelson
  • 2014 - Rhiannon Williams

The Mary Turner Award

for BDA Trade Union Representative of the Year

  • 2019 - Awarded Jointly to Hazel Cheung and Susan Walsh
  • 2018 - Victoria Gray
  • 2017 - Alison Campbell
  • 2016 - Bronagh Kelly
  • 2015 - Clare Jones
  • 2014 - Alison Green




  • 2018 - Framcesca Annan, June Copeman and Dr Fiona McCullough
  • 2017 - Professor Kevin Whelan 
  • 2016 - Anne Holdoway, Mary O'Kane, Sian O'Shea, Dr Clare Shaw and Carina Venter 
  • 2015 - Marjory Macleod and Sue Kellie


  • 2019 - Carole-Anne Fleming, Frances Hanson and Sian Lewis 
  • 2018 - Lisa Cooke, Alison Culkin, Kirstine Farrar, Stuart Galloway, Helen Ream, Laura Stewart and Lynne Thomas
  • 2017 - Marion Harvey, Julie Royal and Jennifer McBratney 
  • 2016 - Mandy Gilmore, Nicola Henderson, Ailsa Kennedy, Pamela McIntosh, Najia Qureshi, Dr Sara Smith, Ella Segaran and Louise Sutton
  • 2015 - Anne Holdoway, Anne Lamb and Sian Porter 
  • 2014 - Debbie Provan and Candice Ward

Honorary Associateship

  • 2018 - Graeme Copestake
  • 2015 - Dr Trevor Brown
  • 2014 - Dr Sumantra Ray

Mary Turner Honour

  • Presented in 2015 to Caroline Bovey to honour the BDA Past President Mary Turner