Introduction to the Plan

The BDA Strategic Plan 2024-2027 presents the long-term strategic direction over the next 10 years and provides a more detailed picture of how we are going to get there, starting with the next three years. This Strategic Plan reflects our vision, our values, our commitment and core purpose.

This executive summary of the plan is presented in the following sections:

  1. Developing a Sustainable Workforce
  2. Education and Research
  3. Supporting our Members Individually and Collectively
  4. Increasing our Voice and Visibility
  5. Growing our Membership Community

Founded on the following cornerstones:

  1. A Diverse and Inclusive Profession
  2. Having a Positive Impact on the Planet
  3. Excellence Behind the Scenes
  4. Delivering in Each Nation

Overarching Goal

The BDA has a single overarching goal to achieve ‘20,000 Satisfied Members by 2034’


Improve the health of the UK population by protecting and improving health and care services, developing health and social care nutrition policy, improving the impact of dietetics and promoting positive discussion on food, nutrition, wellbeing and health.


We are a credible and trusted organisation

We are dynamic, professional and innovative

We are agile, responsive, transparent and accessible in delivery

We take a four nations approach

Our Core Purpose

The BDA’s Core Purpose is to be:

‘The trusted, collective voice of dietetics, dedicated to protecting, serving and advancing the interests of the BDA community, through our expert leadership in food and nutrition.’