BDA Awards

As well as the General Education Trust awards the British Dietetic Association (BDA) also has its own awards to recognise the contributions individuals make in promoting the BDA and for 'going the extra mile'. This is the way we can say thank you to all the members and non-members who do so much for us.

BDA Specialist Group of the Year

We have over 20 Specialist Groups who each make a unique and signficant contribution to the BDA's work. They respond to national consultations, represent the profession, advance clinical specialisms, support members and so much more. Each year Council says thank you to one Group which has demonstrated why it should be regarded as 'Specialist Group of the Year'. This award is usually conferred at our annual awards dinner. To find out more and to submit an application, contact the Groups and Branches Officer in the BDA office.

BDA Branch of the Year

Like Specialist Groups, Branches deliver local support and development for members. They are a vital part of the BDA providing events, CPD opportunities and access to networking. Council reognises, each year, one Branch which has typified excellence and best practice. To find out more and to submit an application, contact the Groups and Branches Officer in the BDA office.

BDA Media Spokesperson of the Year

Our media presence is significant but we could not do this without our volunteer members. They provide a media presence across the printed word, TV, internet and radio. Each year we like to say thank you to one person who has shown a great commitment to this work. For more information contact the External Affairs Department at the BDA office.

BDA Ambassador of the Year

Our Ambassadors represent the BDA on a whole range of Committees, working groups and task forces within Government, alongside other professions and in other organisations. Without our Ambassadors we could not influence policy in the way we do nor advocate on behalf of the profession to the same extent. Their contribution is huge and we like to say thank you to one person who has made a significant contribution to the way in which we represent our members and the profession. For more information please contact the Executive Department in the BDA office.

BDA Mary Turner Award

Trade Union Representative of the Year

Members turn to our Trade Union in times of need and they are essential to our support to the profession. Trade Union Representatives make time to listen to members, solve problems and make a huge difference to members' lives. The Trade Union Board likes to say thank you to one Representative each year who demonstrates all the qualities of an excellence and commitment. For more information please contact the Trade Union Department in the BDA office.

BDA Dorothy Hopwood Award

Council has agreed that there shall be a means of acknowledging dietetic support workers who have made a valuable and significant contribution to the profession. This takes the form of the newly created Dorothy Hopwood Award for Professional Achievement. This award is open to dietetic support workers who are BDA members and who can demonstrate innovation and new ways of working within nutrition and dietetic services. 

The project/work may be undertaken on a multi-disciplinary basis though the contribution of the dietetic support worker must be clearly illustrated within the application. Some examples which fit this criteria include:

  • a new service which has benefited patients and/or fellow dietetic colleagues
  • excellence in innovation or new ways of working
  • ways of working which have highlighted cross professional approaches to dietetic service delivery, e.g. different approaches to delivering care
  • excellence in service delivery. 

These examples are illustrative rather than prescriptive as new ways of working, professional excellence and innovation are wide ranging and varied. 

To apply, submit a clear summary describing how your unique practice has contributed to nutrition and dietetics in a maximum of 500 words. In addition you may submit some supporting materials if you wish as evidence – for example literature, testimonials, etc. 

In particular Council will be looking for evidence that demonstrates:

  • Personal commitment to the profession of dietetics
  • Promotion of the highest standards within your place of work, and
  • How you have given outstanding support and service to the profession 

Council will take the final decision on conferring the Dorothy Hopwood Award at its’ May meeting.  The discussions will be confidential and no further correspondence will be entered into, aside from notifying applicants of whether they have won or not. 

Please send your applications to Karen Leek at 

If your application is successful you will be informed by the Honorary Chairman of the BDA, following which a notice will appear in Dietetics Today. You may be asked to help contribute to a news story about you and your winning of the award. You will also be invited to attend the prestigious BDA Annual Awards Ceremony. Accommodation and reasonable travel costs will be met by the BDA. Closing date for 2019 applications Wednesday 24 April 2019

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