Award Winners for 2018

Dame Barbara Clayton Award

Awarded to Adele Robertson and Lisa Macleman for innovation and excellence in dietetic practice for their work Florence and the low FODMAP diet: Improving dietetic capacity and patient pathway with telehealth.

"The judges agreed that the work of  Adele supported by Lisa from NHS Highland was the clear winner of this year’s Award. The entry demonstrated innovation and new ways of working through the use of technology which is readily accessible i.e the use of FLORENCE, an NHS Telehealth service. 

It demonstrated that a change in working practice/service delivery can increase capacity without being allocated further resource.  Importantly the work can be readily applied by Dietitians in other areas of the UK as a basis for managing the growing numbers of patients with IBS who are being managed with the Low FODMAP diet. The principles could also be adapted for use in other conditions." - Morag D MacKellar OBE, GET Awards Co-ordinator

Rose Simmonds Award

Awarded to Avril Collinson and Mary Hickson for their published work Future Dietitian 2025: Informing the development of a workforce strategy for dietetics.   

"The winning entry for this year’s Rose Simmonds Award is a robust paper describing an excellent   piece of original and practical clinical research.  The work – Future Dietitian 2025 – was undertaken to inform the development of a workforce strategy for dietetics for the next 10 years and has identified a number of key recommendations. 

Implementation these will ensure that the Dietetic profession continues to adapt and change to meet future healthcare needs and keep the profession at the forefront in terms of nutrition and dietetics." - Morag D MacKellar OBE, GET Awards Co-ordinator