BDA Awards

The BDA recognises excellence in the science and practice of dietetics, the contributions individuals make in promoting the BDA and for 'going the extra mile'. This is the way we can say thank you to all the members and non-members who do so much for us.

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Rose Simmonds Award.
Dame Barbara Clayton Award.
Elizabeth Washington Award.
Pat Judd Travel Bursary

The BDA's General and Education Trust provide a number of awards to recognise excellent research, publications and innovation. 

Closing date of 31st May 2017 - apply today!

BDA Specialist Group of the Year.
BDA Branch of the Year.
BDA Media Spokesperson of the Year.
BDA Ambassador of the Year.
BDA Trade Union Rep of the Year.

Rose Simmonds Award

Rose Simmonds was a leading pioneer in dietetics and a person of great character.  The Rose Simmonds Award was at one time the only BDA Award.  It has a distinguished beginning and a long history and is therefore the Association’s most prestigious Award.

The Award for the year 2017 will be given for:

A Dietitian’s Original Research Publication in the Previous Two Years 2015-2016

Those entering the Award should be aware of the following criteria:

  • The dietitian must be one of the acknowledged authors and the published work must be addressed to professional colleagues.  It is anticipated that this scientific work would encompass findings, results, outcomes and undertakings. Other examples include robust evaluation of clinical effectiveness. First time published authors are encouraged to apply.
  • The applicant (s) does not need to be the sole or main author, although it must be clear that the applicant contributed to the piece of work.
  • The entry must be an original research paper “published” in print in a peer reviewed journal during the calendar years 2015-2016.
  • Published means submitted to a peer review journal and available (either in hard copy or on-line) in the designated time frame.
  • The dietitian can submit items previously submitted for other external awards.
  • Members may submit more than one entry provided they meet the above criteria.
  • Any published piece of work can only be submitted once.

The Award is open to all full BDA members and the winner will personally receive £2000. Entries ususally close in January each year.

The winner will be expected to present their work at a BDA national event.  If the winning entry has multiple authors the BDA will only be able to support attendance for one person.

Dame Barbara Clayton Award

The Trustees of the BDA General Education Trust recognise the contribution of the Honorary Presidents of the BDA and in particular Dame Barbara Clayton.  Dame Barbara made a significant contribution during her extensive term of office and was a major force within medicine, paediatric care and in promoting and supporting dietetics.

  • The award is open to all individuals, teams or departments with staff who are BDA members where dietetic services or practice can demonstrate innovation and new ways of working within dietetic services. 
  • The project/work may be undertaken on a multi-disciplinary basis. 
  • The work must be BDA member led, primarily a dietetic innovation in concept and delivery and be able to demonstrate benefit /positive outcomes for the profession and patients/clients. 
  • Some examples which fit this criteria:
    • a new service which has benefited patients.
    • excellence in innovation or new ways of working, e.g. introduction of the use of new technology.
    • ways of working which have highlighted cross professional approaches to dietetic service delivery, e.g. different approaches to delivering care.
    • excellence in service delivery.
    • patient engagement and empowerment.

These examples are illustrative rather than prescriptive as new ways of working, Professional excellence and innovation are wide ranging and varied.

  • Submit a statement describing the innovative practice in a maximum of 1000 words. You may submit some supporting materials if you wish as additional evidence – for example literature, testimonials, tools, etc. 

Include in your summary:

  • outline of the work undertaken.
  • rational for development and implementation.
  • staff involved.
  • benefits and outcomes including impact on public health nutrition/patient/client care/cost effectiveness.
  • sustainability and how it could be applied elsewhere.

Note:  The entry should be submitted by at least one of the BDA members involved in the work.

The award is £1,500 and is open to BDA members in any category. Entries ususally close in January each year.

Elizabeth Washington Award

Elizabeth Washington was one of the founder members of the BDA and served in a number of capacities for many years including Honorary Secretary, Honorary Chairman and Education Committee member.

The 2017 Elizabeth Washington Award will be given for:

A dietitian’s published/presented educational work in 2016 which is broadly within the discipline of nutrition and dietetics.

Those entering the Award should be aware of the following criteria:

  • The dietitian must be an acknowledged author and the work addressed to other dietitians, Professional colleagues, students, patients or the general public. It could cover nutrition education, health promotion, education of colleagues, standards, clinical guidelines or other educational topics. The applicant may be (a) sole author, or (b) principal author of a multi-author publication, or (c) two or more BDA member in equal joint partnership.
  • The entry must be educational. It could be an article/paper, published review paper in a journal, e-learning, a textbook, booklet, chapter in a book, website or a tool-kit. Articles printed as an abstract or in conference papers are not eligible nor are sponsored items. NB. This list is not exhaustive.
  • The work must have been published/made available/launched during the calendar year 2016.
  • The dietitian can submit items previously submitted for other external awards.
  • The entry must be accompanied with the completed entry template.

The Award is open to all BDA dietitian members and the winner will receive £1,500. The winner will be expected to present their work at a BDA national event.  If the winning entry has multiple authors the BDA will only be able to support attendance for one person.

These 2017 Awards are now closed. The deadline for receipt of entries was 6 January 2017.

How to enter

  1. Prepare your entry in line with criteria detailed under the relevant award.
  2. If your entry can be emailed then please do so, to the email address below.
  3. Please clearly indicate which award you are entering, as well as your name, BDA membership number, address for correspondence, phone number, email address, current position, place of work and the name of your manager.
  4. For the Rose Simmonds Award, please submit an anonymised copy of the published article or piece of work, removing the author’s name.
  5. For Rose Simmonds and Elizabeth Washington awards detail where and when the work was published.
  6. The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Submit your entry to:

Karen Leek, Trusts & Awards Administrator,
The British Dietetic Association,
5th Floor, Charles House,
148/9 Great Charles Street Queensway, Birmingham, B3 3HT.

Winners will be notified by March 2017 and the Award presented at a national or key regional BDA event during 2017.

Pat Judd Travel Bursary 2017

Following the untimely death of Professor Pat Judd in March 2015, a fund was established to commemorate her life and work, by providing travel bursaries to final year dietetic students or newly qualified dietitians within 18 months of graduating. The fund, administered by the Trustees of the BDA General and Education Trust Fund, has an additional sum of money available to be awarded during early 2017. The travel bursary can be used to support the expansion or broadening of a final dissertation through travel to an event, or support interest in a particular field of dietetics where travel can support early career development or initial research.

To apply, write to the Secretary to the Trust Fund at the address below. In your letter you should explain where you are in your career, what you will use the travel bursary for, how much the travel and any associated costs will be without the bursary, how the proposed travel will benefit you, your dissertation or early career, and how think you can explain to other BDA members the impact of the bursary, after you used it. Please include a CV with your letter. Letters should arrive by February 28th 2017. The Trustees will make final decisions on the successful recipients of travel bursaries at their meeting in early May 2017. Winners will be informed immediately after the meeting in May.

Send all letters to:
The Secretary to the Trustees
BDA General and Education Trust Fund
5th floor,
Charles House
148/9 Great Charles St
B3 3HT

The BDA also has its own awards, as follows:

BDA Specialist Group of the Year

We have over 20 Specialist Groups who each make a unique and signficant contribution to the BDA's work. They respond to national consultations, represent the profession, advance clinical specialisms, support members and so much more. Each year Council says thank you to one Group which has demonstrated why it should be regarded as 'Specialist Group of the Year'. This award is usually conferred at our annual awards dinner. To find out more and to submit an application, contact the Groups and Branches Officer in the BDA office.

BDA Branch of the Year

Like Specialist Groups, Branches deliver local support and development for members. They are a vital part of the BDA providing events, CPD opportunities and access to networking. Council reognises, each year, one Branch which has typified excellence and best practice. To find out more and to submit an application, contact the Groups and Branches Officer in the BDA office.

BDA Media Spokesperson of the Year

Our media presence is significant but we could not do this without our volunteer members. They provide a media presence across the printed word, TV, internet and radio. Each year we like to say thank you to one person who has shown a great commitment to this work. For more information contact the External Affairs Department at the BDA office.

BDA Ambassador of the Year

Our Ambassadors represent the BDA on a whole range of Committees, working groups and task forces within Government, alongside other professions and in other organisations. Without our Ambassadors we could not influence policy in the way we do nor advocate on behalf of the profession to the same extent. Their contribution is huge and we like to say thank you to one person who has made a significant contribution to the way in which we represent our members and the profession. For more information please contact the Executive Department in the BDA office.

BDA Trade Union Representative of the Year

Members turn to our Trade Union in times of need and they are essential to our support to the profession. Trade Union Representatives make time to listen to members, solve problems and make a huge difference to members' lives. The Trade Union Board likes to say thank you to one Representative each year who demonstrates all the qualities of an excellence and commitment. For more information please contact the Trade Union Department in the BDA office.

Other Awards

Each year the Advancing Healthcare Awards showcases innovation and leadership within all the allied health professions. Dietitians have done well in recent years, being shortlisted or winning regularly. So, show why everyone should Trust a Dietitian and nominate yourself, your team, or a colleague for these prestigious awards!