Annual Reports

Every year we report on what we have done and how we did it. We achieve a lot for an organisation our size and we are proud of what we achieve.

Previous Annual Reports:

Every three years we also publish a Strategic Plan outlining the Strategic aims of the Association.

Following each Strategic Plan we publish an Impact Report in order to demonstrate the ways in which we have met the aims we set out to achieve.

Read our latest Impact Report here (2012-2015) published June 2016

Read our current Strategic Plan here (2015-2018) published June 2015

BDA Annual Accounts

Our Annual Accounts show where our income has come from and how we have spent it on our business activities. Our 2016 Annual Accounts are available to BDA members only, as is a one page summary.

Our 2017 Annual Accounts are available now to BDA members (published May 2017).

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