Your BDA Board of Directors

BDA Council members are BDA members (just like you!) who choose to put themselves forward to be responsible for the strategic leadership of the BDA.

They agree major policy, manage the Association’s finances and represent the total membership. Council members are elected into their different roles by you - the wider membership and, with the exception of two roles reserved for a dietetic support worker member and a dietetic student member, all Council roles are open to full BDA members. 

Being on BDA Council is a really inspiring and interesting place to be! I am passionate about promoting the profession and being part of the decision making for the profession. Being on Council has given me many opportunities to do this. I would encourage anyone who is interested in furthering our profession to get involved.

Caroline Bovey, BDA Honorary Chairman 

Upcoming Council Elections 2019

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Useful BDA Council links

  • Council updates provide a snapshot of the main discussion areas from Council meetings
  • Council meeting minutes are made available for BDA members to view.
  • Read more about why members chose to put themselves forward to be voted onto BDA Council
  • Being a Council Member - FAQs
  • Expenses form for current Council members


Meet your BDA Board of Directors

Hover over each picture to see each Council position, and click to find out who your BDA Council are, what attracted them to join Council, what they do in their strategic volunteer roles, and how they got to where they are today. 

Caroline Bovey - Chair Steven Grayston - Treasurer Kate Hall - Director Dawne Ramage Bloodworth - Director  Gillian Farren - Director
Carla Phillips - Director  Elaine Buckley - Director  Brian Power - Director Lisa Williams - Wales Constituency Council Member Kathryn Duff - Northern Ireland Constituency Council Member
Karen Robinson - Deputy Northern Ireland Constituency Council Member
Alison Booker - Student Observer Member of BOD Alan Kershaw - Director

Should you wish to find out more about the work of BDA Council or wish to sit in on a meeting as a member observer, please contact the BDA office.