England Board

Who we are

Board Members

Dr Brian Power (Chair)

Jane Brophy (Deputy Chair)

Linda Hindle

Diana Markham (BDA England Employment Relations Committee Representative)    

Gill Shinkwin

Fiona McCullough

Stephen Garvey

Belinda Mortell

Stephanie Dee

Julie Abayomi

Joanna Instone (BDA support officer)

Contact:  England@bda.uk.com

What we do

Latest Updates

Read the England Board Call to Action

The England Board have created a "Call to Action" for dietetics in England, designed to be shared with politicians and influencers. Find it here

Stakeholder analysis and key message formulation

The Board Board are in the process of analysing the BDA's key stakeholders in England. This involves identifying their interest in nutrition and dietetics and their power to influence. The next step will be to engage with our stakeholders using the most appropriate messages in order to promote dietitians so that we protect current dietetic services and increase dietetic services in the future.

Influencing Action Plan (IAP)

This has been published and can be found elsewhere on this website. The IAP was launched in June and the Board have a plan to visit BDA branches across the country in order to explain and promote the IAP to dietitians.


The England Board has committed to responding to appropriate consultation documents that have a direct impact on a related issue in England.