Wales Board

Who we are

Board Members

  • Lisa Williams (Constituency Council Member for Wales and Chairman)
  • Helen Nicholls
  • Rhiannon Williams
  • Sian O'Shea
  • Sue Acreman
  • Enzo Di Battista
  • Helen Ward (WDLAG)
  • Judyth Jenkins
  • Sioned Quirke
  • Jane Spivey (South Wales branch)
  • Jessica Bearman
  • Victoria Gould
  • Sandra Tyrrell (BDA support officer)


What we do

Call to Action for Dietitians in Wales

Bwrdd Cymru BDA has created a 'Call to Action for Dietitians' which builds on the "Manifesto for Dietitians" that was used in the run-up to the Senedd elections in May 2016. The Call to Action sets out four key areas where the dietitians believe the Welsh Government needs to act to improve the health and well-being of the people of Wales. A copy of the call to action can be accessed by clicking the links below. 

Latest Updates

Development of "Healthy Weight, Healthy Wales" Strategy

BDA Bwrdd Cymru was pleased that the Public Health (Wales) Act achieved Royal Assent in July 2017. The new legislation required, amongst a number of positive actions, that the Welsh Government develop an Obesity Strategy for Wales. Dietitians are now closely involved in the development of the strategy and the BDA joined colleagues from the NHS Confederation as part of Obesity Alliance Cymru to create a document outlining the headline asks that we wanted to see in a Welsh strategy. 

The strategy was launched for consultation in January 2019 as "Healthy Weight, Healthy Wales". The OAC has created a scorecard which scores the strategy against the asks included within our original document. Bwrdd Cymru's response will appear on the BDA consultation pages here

Representing dietitians at 3rd National Primary and Community Care Conference 

Lisa Williams, BDA Wales Board Chair and Olivia Colleypreist, Paediatric Dietitian, Aneurin Bevan UHB represented the role of a dietitian at the 3 National Primary and Community Care Conference on 15 November on the BDA Wales exhibition stand.

The conference focused on The Strategic Programme for Primary Care in Wales within the context of ‘A Healthier Wales’  and provided an opportunity to discuss with GPs and other stakeholders the role dietitians play in prevention  and early intervention and primary care services e.g. enabling people to self manage their long-term condition and reducing the need for referral to secondary care.

Wales Board join fellow health care professionals for influencing training

Members of the Bwrdd joined colleagues from the BASW, CSP, Royal Pharmaceutical Society and RCSLT amongst others to take part in an influencing training even run by Positif and sponsered by Dr Dai Lloyd AM. 

Read an article from the Western Mail about the training here

Health Secretary announces extension of NHS Bursary for Dietitians to 2019

Cabinet Secretary for Health Vaughan Gething has confirmed that the NHS bursary for AHPs, Nurses and Midwives will continue to be available for students starting studies in Septemebr 2019. Students will have to commit to working in Wales after qualification for at least two years. 

This is welcome news after the initial funding for bursaries was initially only guaranteed for 2017 and 2018 starters. However, long term certainty and support for bursaries is still needed. Find out more on the Welsh Government website. 

Parliamentary Review of Health and Social Care in Wales

The BDA Wales board have cautiously welcomed the final report of the Parliamentary review of Health and Social Care in Wales, published in January 2018. It is expected that the Welsh Government will respond in the Spring of 2018. 

Health Education and Improvement Wales

Following a review of investment in health professional education and workforce development (2014), Welsh Government has announced the creation of a single body for the commissioning, planning, and development of education and training for the NHS workforce in Wales. This is to be called Health Education and Improvement Wales and will merge the current bodies WEDS and the Cardiff University Deanery. 

The HEIW launched in April 2018 in "shadow" form, and from October 2018 will oversee:

  • Strategic workforce planning
  • Education commissioning
  • Organisational role design
  • Promotion of NHS careers
  • Widening access to education and careers

HEIW will also set national expectations for the professional development of staff, to be implemented at Board and Trust level. The BDA will continue to liaise and influence on behalf of the profession with this new body as it comes into being. You can find out more on the Welsh Government website


Bwrdd Cymru BDA actively seeks opportunities to meet with key people and seek representation on key groups in Wales.

Bwrdd Cymru BDA currently has involvement with:

  • The Cross Party Group for Food
  • The Cross Party Group for Stroke
  • The Cross Party Group for Diabetes
  • The Cross Party Group for Cancer
  • The Welsh Reablement Alliance