Dr Duane Mellor - Chair of BDA Communications and Marketing Board

Who you are (and how you got to where you are)?

Dr Duane MellorDuane Mellor, I am a Senior Lecturer in Human Nutrition at Coventry University. I worked to this position by a series of luck and some hard work. I have largely worked in diabetes, moving from clinical roles into research roles. Then after completing my PhD into teaching at universities. This has allowed me to live and teach in Australia too, but the call of the UK was too strong and I came back to the UK in May 2017.

Why you wanted to be on BDA Council?

Initially I enquired about being on the Communication and Marketing Board, but found there was a vacancy for the Chair position. I thought this would be a good opportunity to help support the continued growth of the profession and help shape the way the profession is seen and gets its messages across to the public and stakeholders.

What is your role on Council?

Chair of the Communication and Marketing Board

What are the aims of your role?

To review the role of the Communication and Marketing Board, and to look how dietitians can best be involved in this vital area.

Who inspires you (dietetically and non-dietetically) and why?

As a student I was inspired by the approach to dietetics of Jacqui Troughton in Leicester, who helped inspire me to work in diabetes, and also Dr Lee Hooper who was my external PhD examiner who was tough and exacting when examining my research. Then, I have been lucky to spend time with some excellent students who are now making their way in the profession and it always makes me smile when I see the excellent work they are doing in advancing dietetic practice, I could name 20 of more of these leaders of the future, but they know who they are ;-)

And finally…

BDA Council is vital to our profession, not just with respect to leadership but driving the profession onwards into an even more successful future

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