Fiona Moor - Chair of Education Board

Council member Fiona Moor
Who you are and how you got to where you are

Fiona Moor, Divisional therapy Manager (Unplanned Care) for Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and Professional lead in Dietetics for Southern Derbyshire acute and community dietetic services. Qualified in 1984. First job Basic Grade Dietitian in Mansfield. Moved to Derby in 1991 as Senior 1 dietitian and then progressed over the years into current position

Why did you want to be on BDA Council?

It gives the opportunity to understand how the BDA as an organisation works for and with the profession. I have a much better appreciation of the other boards within the BDA, their roles and responsibilities and their main objectives for the coming year.

What is your role on Council?

I am the Chair of BDA Education Board

What are the aims of the board?

I take forward the national education agenda within the profession, by developing a robust sustainable work plan which will help to develop dietitians of the future. I represent the Education Board at BDA Council and by doing this I have a better appreciation of how the organisation operates

Who inspires you why?

Norma Lauder for the way she took the profession forward and her input into the Whitley Council. 

And finally…

Being on BDA Council is a great way to network and develop useful links with others from within the profession