Kate Hall - Honorary Secretary

KateWho you are, and how you got to where you are:

I am a dietitian working in public affairs, working in the area of medical nutrition. I originally qualified with a BSc in Nutrition and then went on to gain a post graduate diploma in dietetics and worked in the NHS, eventually specialising in paediatrics before changing course and moving from the NHS to industry. I have since gained an MSc in nutritional medicine back in 2005 and am currently doing an MSc in Health Policy on a part-time basis.

Why you wanted to be on BDA Council:

I really wanted to be part of the BDA Council to understand how the BDA works and be more involved, in addition to learning from fellow council members.

Your role on BDA Council:

My role is to be Honorary Secretary on Council.

Who inspires you (dietetically and non-dietetically) and why:

Dietetically it is hard to pick just one person but the current Chair of PENG, Anne Holdoway is a true inspiration and if I manage to achieve half of what she manages I will consider that a good thing!

Non-dietetically - many people for different reasons....but someone who I have admired since a child when I first saw him competing as a decathlon athlete is Daley Thomson! His focus, dedication and determination was amazing and since then he has continued to inspire young people to get involved in sport.

And finally…

I would really encourage any members to get involved in the work of the BDA, whether that be on a task and finish group, specialist group or branch committee or sit in as an observer on a council meeting to see what happens. You get to meet so many different people from different backgrounds working as a dietitian in different ways but essentially with the same goal – improving the health of the nation.

I would suggest members go for it, as support is there from fellow board members and the BDA office; and ultimately, would you rather speak out or not be heard?

You can contact Kate by email: Secretary@bda.uk.com.