Lucy Mowatt - Chair of England Board

Who you are and how you got to where you are:Lucy Mowatt small

I’m Lucy Mowatt and I’ve been working as a Dietitian since qualifying in 2004 specialising in Oncology and more recently Critical Care. My first degree was in Food Science, and whilst I loved the opportunity to manufacture gallons of soft scoop ice-cream, I soon realised that I wanted to combine my interest in food and relate it to working in health. I therefore went on to complete post graduate studies in Dietetics and enjoyed my first foray into research testing the silicon content of beer.

Why you wanted to be on BDA Council:

I previously held positions on the Haematology and then the Head & Neck sub-group of the BDA Oncology  Specialist Group and loved the opportunities this provided for networking and developing my knowledge. I also wanted to find out more about how the BDA works in terms of objectives and raising the profile of the profession so when the opportunity arose to apply for BDA Deputy England I jumped at the chance. Then the position of England Chair unexpectedly became vacant so here I am!

Your role on Council:

I am the England constituency council member and as such Chair the BDA England Board.

What are the aims of the board?

To identify areas of policy where Dietitians can make a difference in England and seek to actively influence key decision makers to showcase the profession. Also we are responsible for representing the BDA membership across England - approximately 75% of total members - at BDA UK level.

Who inspires you (dietetically and non-dietetically) and why?

Dietetically Catherine Collins, for her incredible breadth of dietetic expertise from critical care to public health and everything in between. Also her unwavering enthusiasm as a BDA media spokesperson in providing sound nutrition advice thereby making a huge contribution to raising the profile and USP of the profession.

And finally…

Get involved. Your BDA needs you!