Steven Grayston - Chair of the Professional Practice Board

StevenWho you are and how you got to where you are:

I am Steven Grayston, Chair of the Professional Practice Board, and I am a dietetic manager working in North Wales, where I have worked all my career from a student right through to manager. My clinical background is paediatrics and I still practice in that area. I had my mind set on being a Dietitian from the age of 14, having a keen interest in food and science at the time; I read the careers information and that was that, although there were a few wobbles through University.

Why you wanted to be on BDA Council:

I started out with the BDA working on a task and finish group in relation to Practice Supervision and then a few more of those, until I found my way on to the Professional Development Committee, which later became the Professional Practice Board. The old Chair stepped down and I stepped up and have been on Council for nearly 3 years now.

Your role on Council:

My role on Council is to present all issues of significance that affect professional practice to the Council for approval, including an annual work plan.

Who inspires you (dietetically and non-dietetically) and why:

I am inspired by enthusiastic people and in my early career that was the likes of Anita MacDonald, who was the guru of PKU. She was passionate about what she did and her level of commitment was amazing. Outside of dietetics I am inspired by all things sport, and as a keen cyclist I take my hat off to the professional cyclists who have unbelievable physical and mental strength to do what they do. I’ve ridden a few cols in France and know how tough they are, so fair play to all those guys for doing that day in day out.

And finally…

I would never have thought setting out in dietetics that I would be in any of the roles I have been in. I didn’t have a master plan and my philosophy is you don’t really need to have one. Work hard, do a good job and the rewards will follow. You do have to volunteer to put your hat in the ring to achieve some of the things you want to in life though and your career, so don’t be shy and push yourself a little and get outside your comfort zone, you never know, you might like it and who knows where it may lead you.

Don’t be shy and push yourself a little and get outside your comfort zone..

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