Why I'm on BDA Council

Find out why your elected BDA member volunteers chose to put themselves forward to be voted onto BDA Council and represent the wider 9,000 BDA membership as company directors, whilst leading on the strategic direction of the organisation.

Could this be you? 

Caroline Bovey

Being on BDA Council is a really inspiring and interesting place to be! I am passionate about promoting the profession and being part of the decision making for the profession. Being on Council has given me many opportunities to do this. I would encourage anyone who is interested in furthering our profession to get involved.

Caroline Bovey, Chair of the Wales Board (and Chair Elect) 

StevenBeing on BDA Council as Chair of the Professional Practice Board over a number of years, has, from a personal perspective been hugely beneficial for me. It’s been a great learning experience, is a nice addition to my CV,  and has given me a national profile, whilst enabling me to develop hugely on a personal level.

Steven Grayston, Chair of the Professional Practice Board

Council member Fiona Moor

I have been involved in various BDA committees over the 32 years of my professional career. Over the last couple of years I have been Chair of the Education Board which means I now have a place on BDA Council. My role is to ensure Council are kept up to date with all projects the Education Board are involved in particularly those which require approval and may need BDA funding. Being part of the Council means I get a wider perspective of what is happening within the Association.

Fiona Moor, Chair of the BDA Education Board

Being on council has been challenging, but in a positive way. I have developed my transferrable skills and have been involved in a wide range of projects. I feel I have been able to influence and help lead the profession. I encourage all members including those relatively new to the profession to get involved with the BDA. 

Belinda Mortell, previous Chair of the Communications and Marketing Board


Being Chair of the Trade Union Board is a great honour and a privilege as what we do can impact the working lives of all Dietitians and Dietetic Support Workers within the UK. The opportunity for change comes by very infrequently and so when a council member position presents itself as vacant, it is a golden opportunity to influence positive change and to become more involved in the work of the BDA.

Kath Durrans, previous Chair of the Trade Union Board

Working outside of a dietetic department this role offered the opportunity to keep up to date with all that is happening at BDA and locally in Northern Ireland. A great opportunity for CPD.

Jennifer McBratney, previous Northern Ireland constituency council member