Help with the BDA website

Why can’t I read the pages with a padlock on?

These pages are only available to active BDA members who have logged in to the site. Please click on ‘sign in’ at the top right hand corner of the homepage, where you will be asked to enter your username and password.

How do I access the ‘My BDA’ section of the website?

You will need to be an active member of the BDA and logged into the site to do this.

It is vital that you keep your passwords safe and your personal details on the BDA Membership database up-to-date.

How do I change my password?

There isn't a logical link for this function. The easiest method is to click the 'forgotten link' button.

  1. select the forgotten password option.
  2. enter your email address (note: if the email is not the same as our membership database, you'll hear nothing).

changing password 1

changing password 2

I cannot log in to the member only pages using my membership number

Your BDA membership number is not a valid login ID for this website. If you cannot remember your login ID, you can request a reminder.

I don't receive login reminder emails / I didn’t receive an email with my 'BDA member web access' details

Do not apply to join as a new member on this website if you are an existing member or you have ever been a member (e.g. student member). You should rejoin if you are returning as a member, or contact us if you are an existing memebr unable to gain access.

If you do not receive login reminder emails from this website, we may not have an up-to-date email address for you. Do you receive other emails from the BDA?

  • If yes, go to the login page, click on ‘forgot login details’ and enter your email address to be sent a password reminder. This email should arrive within a few minutes, directing you to click on a link to reset you password to a more memorable one.
    If it doesn't arrive, either your spam filter may have blocked the email, or the email address in our database is different to the one you just entered and you must follow the next step below.
  • If no or unsure, please contact the BDA office (0121 200 8080) to check the email address that we have for you. We will ask you some questions to check your identity.
    Please email the BDA at including your preferred email address, your BDA membership number, your date of birth and your postcode. We will update your email address and email you when that is completed.

I can’t edit my BDA specialist group/s membership

This is populated by you being an active member of a BDA specialist group. If you are not listed it may be because you have not renewed your membership for this year. If this is the case please contact

I am a BDA member but I can't access the member sections of the site

Have you renewed your BDA membership before 1st March? If not or you're unsure, please contact the BDA team to find out and to renew over the phone.

Contact us: or telephone 0121 200 8080.

The login or password I've been sent does not work

Contact us: or telephone 0121 200 8080.

I’d like to report a bad link or content on the site

Please report this to

Functions not working

Some users work for organisations with tight on-line security or old software that may conflict with features of our website. While we try to minimise this, this is generally an issue for the IT Dept where you work.

If you report something, please also include your browser type and try the JavaScript test below first. This external website will tell you which browser and operating system you are using: