About the BDA website

This BDA website was launched on Tuesday 8th April 2014, after many months of re-writing the site content in the BDA office, and consultation and testing with the developers.

Previously we had one public website and one for members of the BDA: this website combines both. Some pages are locked for BDA members only, but generally far more pages are now publicly available than before. In particular, our trade union page are now nearly all publicly visible, whereas previously they are all ‘member only’. We believe that this openness displays more fully the benefits of BDA membership.

In 2015 we are continuing to develop the website in conjunction with Premier IT, the suppliers of the website software, and Pangaea, the suppliers of our Aptify membership database. This year we are extending the range of members who can join and renew on-line and including specialist group joining and renewing on-line. Alongside this we are encouraging specialist groups and branches to edit their own pages on the site.

If you have any difficulties with the site, please explore the pages listed to the left of this page. If they do not help, please let us know.

Group and Branch archive pages

The archive is no longer available. Branches and groups can now edit their own web pages and, as with the main website, have reviewed their old content and had a bit of a springclean. Contact them direct if there's anything you miss on their pages.

SIPP screengrabBDA Tube and Sip Feed Chart

The Tube and Sip Feed Chart (SIPP) has not been transferred to this BDA website. The chart had not been updated since January 2012: it was felt to be too out-of-date. If you are a university with students who could keep the database up-to-date, an App developer who might be interested in converting the database, or simply a member who misses the resource, please contact Jo Lewis.

David King, Web Communications Officer, February 2015.