For a list of current non-commercial alliances and partnerships the BDA is involved with, please go to our Alliance List page for more information and external links to the alliances and partnerships highlighted.

What are Alliances?

Working in non-commercial partnership, or alliance, with other professional bodies, consumer groups, health charities, food interest groups and food industry is important to the BDA and we very much value this work and collaborative approach.

This way of working is of benefit to the Association as it establishes us as an organisation willing to lobby and share the expertise of our members to influence the food and nutrition agenda, and identifies us as being an important player in the ‘voice of food and nutrition’.

The BDA often needs to work with other partners to develop an innovative scientific approach, to challenge aspects of government or food industry practice, to identify the risk of withdrawal of resources or to draw attention to new opportunities for improving nutrition and health.

These alliances must be aligned with the BDA’s Aims and Strategic Plan, and promote the dietetic profession and the Association. They are intended to offer the Association an opportunity to be proactive and influence policy.

Alliances Ethos

  • The BDA is committed to improving the health of the population and promoting healthy, nutritious food and sustainable lifestyles. This creates the context within which any acceptable collaboration might take place.
  • The BDA will support partnerships and coalitions that promote positive health messages and/or challenge factors that prevent this e.g. child poverty, inequitable access to care.
  • Health messages must be consistent with BDA policy.


For more information on developing an alliance with the BDA, contact Joanna Instone, Head of External Affairs at or on 0121 200 8022.