Joint research and consultancy


Research is a fundamental part of dietetic practice and the BDA supports its members through the work of the Research Officer, who develops and helps deliver the BDA’s Research Strategy

We currently support research in a limited manner, via expertise rather than offering large grants directly. We offer an annual Research Award of £1,000 which is funded by the BDA’s charitable arm, the General Education Trust (BDA GET).

We have worked with external organisations to conduct research – including offering a £16,000 bursary to a member on a research topic around carbohydrates in the diet (2009) and jointly conducting market research on a liquid intake study (2010). Research projects can be navigated via the BDA GET ensuring a credible and robust framework for conducting and reporting research.

If your organisation would like to explore this with the BDA, please contact the Partnerships & Sponsorship Officer, Jo Lewis Tel: 0121 2008030, Email:


Consultancy is available to Strategic Partners of the BDA via a quality assured process. This can include discussion with a key clinical expert or inclusion of a BDA member on your advisory boards. Other organisations are advised to contact the BDA office in the first instance, and if you cannot find the right consultant for your piece of work, please visit the Freelance Dietitians Group.