Updates on collaborations and partnerships

Alpro joins the BDA as corporate member (January 2018)

In January 2018, we were pleased to welcome Alpro as a Strategic Partner of the BDA. As a manufacturers of plant-based foods with a range of products which support healthy diets, they have long standing relationships with many of our individual members already. The intention of this partnership is to support UK dietitians to identify and implement changes to their practice which consider the latest evidence and consumer attitudes to plant based eating. By accessing their knowledge of the consumer landscape, and using the membership fee to resource some specific tools for dietitians, we will be able to support members to implement the BDA’s sustainable diets policy.

This will include the development of materials for dietitians during 2018, which will be delivered in consultation with the membership via surveys and a round table meeting. Look out for regular updates across Dietetics Today and Member’s Monthly.

Mead Johnson joins the BDA as corporate member (October 2017)

In August 2017, we were pleased to welcome Mead Johnson as a Strategic Partner of the BDA. As the manufacturers of Nutramigen, BDA members who work with families whose infants who require specialist feeds will be very familiar with the company. They have long standing relationships with some dietitians in the UK and as part of the growth of their UK medical affairs team, they are keen to engage more meaningfully with the profession. In the UK Mead Johnson have specialist ACBS listed products to support infants with diagnosed cow’s milk allergy, lactose intolerance and reflux conditions. The company is part of global healthcare business Reckitt Benckiser https://www.rb.com/

The BDA will be supporting Mead Johnson to gain insights from members around key areas of practice, so help them to communicate most effectively and ensure that our shared goal of appropriate care for infants who require allergy management is met. This will include a focus group meeting and CPD endorsement of some educational activities for dietitians.

Partnership working update (September 2017)

The BDA guidelines for commercial collaboration have been reviewed by a small working group (BDA External Relations and Development Officer, Jo Lewis; Honorary Chairman, Siân O’Shea and Chair Elect, Caroline Bovey).

With a new working name of ‘Guidelines for working with commercial organisations’, the group have incorporated some of the main themes from the member feedback on this business area.

The re-draft will be submitted to BDA Council later this month for comment. If approved, they will be published on the BDA website for all members to access.

The next phase of the project to review our work with commercial partners is a separate working group to look at how we communicate the work we do in this area. This group will meet in September for the first time.

Splenda join the BDA as a corporate member (June 2017)

Corporate membership with the BDA is available to organisations who demonstrate a public commitment to evidence based nutrition communications. It also provides the corporate member with many opportunities to interact and partner with the BDA, and facilitates communication with our members. In May 2017, we were pleased to welcome Splenda as a Key Supporter.

Splenda is likely to be familiar to members as a low calorie table top sugar alternative that is made with sucralose. It is available in a number of easy to use formats (tablets and granulated) - and coming soon liquid.

Recommendations on how best to use sweeteners to support healthier lifestyles vary and consensus is sometimes difficult to achieve. This is an opportunity for the BDA to assist with the practical implementation of the science and assist Splenda to develop useful communications and advice. A full Q&A for BDA members will be available soon.

BDA Council decision on commercial collaborations (May 2017)

Last year, the BDA governing Council commissioned an independent report considering the issue of ‘BDA member attitudes to commercial collaborations and partnerships’. This was carried out by the Professional Association Research Network (PARN). Over the course of the research PARN heard from hundreds of BDA members, as well as other healthcare bodies who also undertake commercial partnerships. They presented their findings to the BDA Council on the 9th May. 

PARN found that in general members agree that with our industry partnerships. Not all members agree however and the report gave much insight into areas where members feel the BDA can do better. On this basis, BDA Council have taken the decision to continue with our corporate partnerships, with two recommendations: 1. to improve communications around the impact of our work with partners, and 2. to ensure the guidance framework is looked at again as it was last updated in 2015. BDA members can read more and access the PARN report here(member log-in required).

Research project: attitudes to commercial collaborations and partnerships (March 2017)

Thank you to everyone who completed the survey and shared their views for this project. PARN are currently coding the data and conducting some structured interviews to complete the work. It is expected that the final report will be presented to BDA Council in May 2017.

Two new corporate members join in 2017 (February 2017)

Corporate membership with the BDA is available to companies who demonstrate a public commitment to excellence, quality and integrity. It also provides the corporate member with many opportunities to interact and partner with the BDA, and facilitates communication. For 2017, we are pleased to welcome two new corporate members as Key Supporters: Dr Schaer and the Natural Hydration Council.

Dr Schaer is likely to be familiar to BDA members as the owner of brands such as Schaer, Glutafin and Mevalia. Specialist nutrition products for patients who require a gluten free or low BDA Chief Exec Andy Burman talks about working with partners on Associations TV. Click to view now.protein diet are a key part of a dietitian’s toolkit, so our partnership will increase the communication between the BDA and the dietitians at Dr Schaer.

The Natural Hydration Council (NHC) is the UK bottled water association. It is a not for profit organisation which researches the science and communicates the facts about healthy hydration. Clear and consistent communication on healthy hydration is a key priority for the BDA as the impact of what we drink is often less recognised than what we eat. Working with partners is an effective way for us to have an influence and we look forward to bringing our member’s dietetic expertise to the work of the NHC.

We would also like to thank our other corporate members for their continued support. For more information on BDA corporate members and a (member only FAQ on the new corporate members) please visit https://www.bda.uk.com/about/workwithus/corporatemembers

Research project: attitudes to commercial collaborations and partnerships (October 2016)

The BDA Council has agreed to commission a piece of research work to assist the organisation in gaining insights from members (primarily) around the BDA’s commercial collaborations and partnerships.

The BDA as now appointed PARN to undertake this research which commences in November 2016. The project will comprise of a survey to 'take the temperature' across the membership of attitudes to commercial collaboration, plus some focus group activities which will also include other stakeholders.

BDA members can keep up to date with this project (available to members only).

If you are interested in taking part in one of the focus groups please email info@bda.uk.com for more information.