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Demand for choice and new products is driving innovation at a faster pace than ever. This, combined with policy drivers for clear product information and stronger guidelines for labelling and procurement, means that manufacturers and retailers need to communicate their response to these demands to a wide variety of key opinion formers as well as consumers.

External organisations are able to access dietitians expertise via the BDA in a variety of ways:

Advisory and Briefing Meetings

Ideal for gaining insights from members around disease areas, best practice, product use or the NHS climate. We a quality assured process to screen and recruit up to 8 participants according to a jointly developed brief, and have developed and delivered this service for corporate members and other clients over the past five years. The meetings are usually held in a central location, often hosted at the BDA offices in Birmingham, and occasionally held within a BDA event depending on what your objectives are.

A big thank you for helping arrange the participants to this meeting. It was very fruitful and gave much insights. The participants were excellent, really motivated to attend and engage.
Medical Affairs Manager, Nutricia.

Contact us for advice on this service. Jo Lewis or Christina Titlow, Tel: 0121 2008030 / 27, Email: or

Surveys of the BDA membership

If you are looking for opportunities to gain more detailed quantitative insights from BDA members, we offer several different options to collect views from the right experts.

BDA members, corporate members and sometimes other organisations may contact us to co-ordinate the dissemination of your own survey via a dedicated email sent directly to members.

Number of members being sent surveyIndividual MembersCorporate member - strategic partnerCorporate member - key supporterCommercial Company (non-member)
Up to 500 members £200 £720 £760 £800
Up to 1000 members £300 £990 £1045 £1100
1000+ members £500 £1500 £1575

Not available

To request an application form, please contact Jo Lewis or Christina Titlow, Tel: 0121 2008030 / 27, Email: or