Partnership and Collaboration Strategy

The British Dietetic Association believes in the right of all to enjoy healthy, nutritious and sustainable food and  lifestyles. We achieve this by developing and  supporting activities that help children to have a healthy start to life and enable adults of all ages to maximise their health throughout life.

We are committed to working in partnership with members, other professional bodies, government,  consumer groups, health charities, food interest groups, the specialist food  industry, as well as mainstream food and drink manufacturers and  retailers.

By taking a partnership approach, we can work with organisations who share our core values to create better messages  that people can understand and act upon to improve their health and that of  their families.

Before entering into any partnership or project our core principles must be considered and will always be paramount.

The principles are:

  • The corporate integrity of the BDA and the BDA  members’ professional reputation will always be the first consideration.
  • Scientific validity, ethical soundness and  professional appropriateness will always be the criteria against which any  potential collaboration will be judged.
  • The wider-picture will also always be considered  when assessing collaborations e.g. the social and socio-political context.

Sponsorships and collaborative partnerships with industry and trade bodies are important to us and our Partnerships Officer helps organisations identify the channels which most appropriately suit your objectives.

These collaborations are designed to increase capacity for  our work by providing alternative income and resourcing for us - and raise our profile, either through better funded promotions or by  association with other prominent partner organisations.

Our partnerships are governed by the BDA Sponsorship Guidelines which provide a framework for navigating each collaboration in a transparent and consistent manner. The decision making appendices and risk assessment documents are available to BDA members only. See the links to the left to access these documents [new versions uploaded 18 November 2015].