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Last modified on 17/12/2017

As usual, the BDA's top 5 worst celeb diets press release received huge coverage. It is often what the media, and the public, crave. It was also excellently crafted by our media experts based on science and evidence. As you would expect! But, as usual, it attracts negative comments across social media platforms from people who claim to have expertise, but who usually do not.

Is this an attack on the profession? Is this an attack on the BDA? Maybe. But in the scheme of things is this necessarily a bad thing? Probably not. Why? Do the views of a small number of nay sayers or people who have a different view impact on our long term strategy or the status of the profession? No.

More strategically I find myself quoting Donald Rumsfeld (which I find odd!) who is alleged to have said 'If you are not being criticised, you may not be doing much'. Well, we are doing a lot! And it is all positive. We do not make complaints about individuals or personalise attacks on them, which would be extremely unprofessional. Instead we promote positive messages and evidence based facts or advice. It may not always be media newsworthy, but I am beginning to agree with Donald that, if we are subject to this criticism, we must be doing something. And I believe what we do is right.

In this case it is not just about the BDA office but also about the amazing membership we have who take matters into their own hands to do great things.

In response to lots of the negativity, members created a social media strategy called #WhatRDsDo or #WhatDietitiansDo. This showcases the fabulous contribution members make to the health of the nation. The innovation is fantastic and I would encourage all members to contribute. You do amazing things. You just need to tell the world. So visit this story here or post your own comments using the same hashtag.

As 2017 draws to a close the office is still coming to terms with the tragic loss of our colleague Rosie Hudson. It will not be the same without her.

I am delighted to say that our Head of Member Services, Milly Durrant, has won the 2017 UK Associations Young Executive of the Year award for her fantastic leadership in making our membership grow and delivering the services you asked us for.

I hope this is a sign of what we have in store for 2018. I wish all our members, friends and colleagues a very happy, peaceful and positive festive season.

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