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Last modified on 11/10/2017

Having avoided a split infinitive (!) I thought it timely to use my blog to talk a little bit more about the BDA’s decision to take on much of the work delivered by the Children’s Food Trust following its closure this summer. We were sad to hear about the closure of the Trust which had evolved from the School Food Trust a few years ago. Developing and maintaining standards for school food is paramount to public health and the future health of the nation. So the opportunity to take on some of the delivery was one we could not let pass by. The charity Action for Children will maintain the standards and some of the delivery while we have retained the Let’s Get Cooking branding and the online Learning Network which was used by thousands of people to access learning opportunities.

Why is it bold? Well, members have said we should do more to raise the profile of the BDA, talk more about food, talk directly with the public and influence as much as we can. Additionally, one of the aims of the BDA is to improve the ‘health of the nation’. So, we have taken on an area of activity which is challenging and innovative. It is a new area of business activity for us but one which will get the Let’s Get Cooking brand into schools, homes and communities around the country.

Why is it the future? This is where members have said the BDA needs to be and if the profession wants to have the best chance at improving outcomes for children and young people, this is one way to do it. We want to imagine a world where dietitians are at the forefront of clinical, community, public health and food education or information. We want to take the lead and create the agenda not respond to it. To do so we need to have something to offer and something that provides a solution to a national problem. With Let’s Get Cooking and the Learning Network we have tools and resources to help us do that, as well as evidence gathered by the Children’s Food Trust that it has worked.

We have a long, long list of things to do to get this exciting new project off the ground. We are talking to all the partners and stakeholders who supported the Children’s Food Trust and finding ways to continue the great work, while looking at how we expand into new areas. We will be talking to our Specialist Groups in due course about how they can play a part. We want members to be with us on the journey so please look out for more information in Dietetics Today, in our e-zines or on our website.

The future looks bright, the future is BDA blue!

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