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Last modified on 11/10/2017

Everyone recognises greatness and excellence. So why, as a nation, are we so shy about celebrating or advertising it? Natural British reserve or stiff upper lip comes into play while our cousins across the pond have no qualms about shouting about their successes. So, here is the opportunity to show the world what is great about you, your colleague, your team or anyone else you think deserving. Yes you can apply yourself too! Go on, don’t be shy.

The time is arriving for nominations for the annual BDA Honours and Awards. There are two broad categories, those who are recognised for innovation or excellence and those who have simply done great things for the BDA and the profession. The Trustees of the BDA General and Education Trust Fund support several awards which recognise published articles, educational activities or service innovation. Meanwhile the BDA has several honours which recognise individual contributions within the Trade Union, media work, Groups and Branches and amongst dietetic support workers. Additionally, we also have honours such as our Ibex and Fellowship awards that recognise significant contributions to the BDA or profession over several years.

There is much more information about the categories and criteria on our web pages here. The details will be updated shortly but now is the time to start thinking about who you want to tell the world about. And maybe you want to tell the world about yourself? Go on, think about it.

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