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Last modified on 23/01/2018

At what point is it no longer necessary to wish someone a happy new year? It is still January so I take the view that my first blog of 2018 should open with the greeting as I do wish everyone a happy 2018!

Indeed, as I reflected on what is to come this year, I thought that maybe one blog will not be enough. Council has just approved the first consultation draft of the 2018-21 Strategic Plan which sets the direction for the organisation. While it may not look radically different to the outgoing plan, I hope members will see a change in language and emphasis with a more practice and aspirational approach. Details can be found here and we look forward to your comments prior to the launch in July.

BDA Live returns this March and we have a fabulous line up of speakers and content. Showcasing all that is innovative and challenging within the profession, there is plenty for everyone. As usual there will be elections to the BDA Council and details of the vacancies will be forthcoming very soon.

However Council has also decided that it wishes to make changes to the BDA’s governing document, to change Council in future years. This depends on you, the members, approving those changes and details of what this all means will be announced at BDA live. But it is your BDA and if you agree with Council’s vision you will need to approve the changes at the AGM.

This year the AGM takes place in July and coincides with the birthday of the NHS. There will be events to celebrate the NHS birthday around the country and there will be lots of stories about how healthcare has changed since the NHS was born, including how the role of dietitians has changed too. If you have ideas about how you think you will showcase the profession locally, we want to hear from you. Our incredibly successful Dietitians Week also returns (of course!) and we will be aiming a number of campaigns around public health and other topics throughout the year. We will be working to get members into high profile media roles, continuing the success of recent years, ensuring your voice is heard. We will also roll out our newly acquired Let’s Get Cooking and Learning Network resources, which are creating a huge interest outside of the profession.

Coupled with our ongoing commitments to: improve the support to our Groups and Branches; run countless events; respond to policy consultations around the UK; publish journals, books and magazines; work closely with other health professions to promote AHPs; represent members workplace interests around the UK; guide the path for the Future Dietitian; develop the evidence base for dietetics through the PEN tool; and, develop benefits such as BDALegal, we have a complex and full workplan for 2018. 

None of this will be achievable without the dedicated BDA office team or our countless volunteer members. 2018 will be a challenging year, but it could also be our best yet...

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