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Strut your Stuff

I confess to being a dyed in the wool ‘Strictly’ fan. Each year the programme reaches new heights in glitz, glamour and creative choreography. Professional dancers and their students alike twirl across the dance floor with varying degrees of flair. Yet all exhibit dedication as they pour their hearts and souls into their performance and exude pride in their abilities and being part of the team. They do indeed ‘strut their stuff’.

To ‘strut your stuff’ is to show your abilities to other people. Would this make you a ‘total show off’ or a boastful person? Not one bit, all you are doing is demonstrating to people skills and / or  knowledge which you possess, are proud of and wish to share.  It’s a bit of a frivolous phrase I must admit but rich with meaning.  I used this phrase in a recent Tweet to our BDA Trade Union as they engage in the TU Conference  this week and  raise our profile at this prestigious high level event . Twitter is one of many platforms we can use to communicate within and outwith the profession , helping  to raise our  profile and extend our reach with targeted messaging.  Many groups and branches have a twitter account and post on a regular basis. The BDA Twitter Accounts include: @BrDieteticAssoc   @BDA_Events  @BDAProf   @DieteticsToday @BDAAndyBurman (CEO)   @BDAStudent   @BDA_TradeUnion   @JHNDEditor @BDA_TradeUnion  @sianmorganb (Chairman).

The BDA works hard on your behalf to influence key stakeholders but as ambassadors for your profession you have the ability to be as, if not more, influential within your individual spheres  of work.  For more information and support access the  ‘Influencing  Home’ pages on the BDA Website

A few weeks ago I was asked to contribute to the online Nutrition and Hydration Week Newsletter and the BDA’s  first article appears in the September edition.  This is another opportunity we can utilise to ‘strut our stuff’ by highlighting our unique contribution , sharing  developments and promoting our campaigns. Please get in touch with me if you have anything you would like us to include in the monthly newsletter and we can submit within the BDA Industry Focus. The newsletter is available at

The September edition of DT is just hot off the press and in my interview I mention my chairman’s theme This has now been finalised and is called the ‘Go 2 Dietitians 4 Prevention’.

Go 2 Dietitians 4 Prevention

Our vision is for dietitians to be recognised by health professionals, commissioners, employers and the public as the experts in public health i.e. in the prevention of ill health and the optimisation of health and wellbeing (once one or more clinical conditions have manifested).  As dietitians, we all have a role in public health irrespective of whether our role is classically therapeutic/clinical within the Acute sector or diversified within the commercial / education sector. The theme will be for 3 years and more information and resources will be available as the campaign develops.

And finally...

As your Chairman I will indeed be strutting my stuff at conferences, on social media and any other occasions I may find myself in, championing the profession wherever and whenever  I can.  I call on BDA members to be positive, to be proud (and loud) about your profession and your abilities.

In other words .... strut your stuff!!


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