Exploring effective multidisciplinary working for Motor Neurone Disease

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Last modified on 28/01/2019

Jenny Bedford is Partnership Development Manager Motor Neurone Disease Association. The BDA is proud to be an ally of the MND Association. 

Following its successful introduction in October last year, I'm pleased to announce that the course, Multi-disciplinary working – making it effective for Motor Neurone Disease, will run throughout 2019.


The MND Association worked closely with the BDA and a wide range of healthcare professionals and patients to develop the online module, designed as an exploration of effective multidisciplinary working. The module is hosted by the University of Northampton and endorsed by the BDA. 

The course aims to provide practical learning that can easily be applied in real life settings. Those that have already participated in the course have given excellent feedback and report already putting what they have learned into practice:

"Relevant and interesting – getting the patient view was invaluable and seeing teams discuss cases was informative and good to compare to local practice and get ideas."

The course is focussed on motor neurone disease, but with significant transferable learning, the module runs over six weeks. Participants are encouraged to interact with fellow students online throughout, and to draw on their own workplace experience of multidisciplinary working. 

Each week considers a different aspect of multidisciplinary working - explored through recommended reading, videos, and case studies. By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Identify the recommendations within the NICE MND Guideline NG42 relating to MDT good practice
  • Explain the importance of an effective MDT in MND cases
  • Describe the MDT, and its operation, in your area.
  • Understand how to apply good MDT practice in your own work setting
  • Reflect on current practice in your own work setting and recommend useful improvements

The start dates for 2019 are 18th March, 3rd June and 16th September, so there are lots of opportunities to take part. Enrolment is now open for the next course on 18th March, and taking the course will give you at least 18 hours of CPD – so we strongly encourage you to enrol!

You can join by following this link:https://openeducation.blackboard.com/mooc-catalog/courseDetails/view?course_id=_2639_1