NHS Pay Deal - Getting the facts right

Annette Mansell-Green
Last modified on 27/07/2018

By Annette Mansell-Green, Head of Employment Relations at the BDA

As you know BDA members voted by a large majority to accept a three-year pay deal for NHS staff in England. You should have seen the first part of the deal in your July salary, with backdating due to be paid by next month at the latest.

This is a complex restructure of the pay system for more than a million staff. It means different increases at different times for individuals depending on where in the structure they were at the beginning of the deal. The aim is to get all staff on to the new structure by the end of the three years. The majority of you will be at the top point in your band by the end of March 2020.

I know the changes are difficult to get your head around, especially when you may have heard a lot of misinformation and when some employers are not explaining clearly what is involved. So, I wanted to recap on what you should expect, and what you can do if you’re unsure if your pay is correct.

The materials that were circulated jointly by the BDA trade union and jointly with other unions, including FAQs and information on nhspay.org, all outlined that increases would be a mixture of pay awards, reform of pay bands, and incremental progression for staff below the top of the bands.

Therefore, the timing of when increases are paid each year depends on your individual incremental date if you are not at the top of your band.

I understand that some information put out by the RCN was not sufficiently clear on this issue, and this may mean BDA members are receiving queries as a result.

We want to help you and any of your colleagues who may be concerned. The following summarises the three different staff groups affected by the deal, and what happens in this first year in each case:

 1.    Those at the top of bands 2 to 8c

This group covers roughly 52% of the workforce and you will get 3% added to your salary from 1 April 2018.

 2.    Those at the bottom of band 2 to 8c

This pay point is deleted from the bottom of each band and you are moved to the next point from 1 April 2018

 3.    Those on points between the bottom and the top of each band

Your pay points are in transition over the three years, with total change to pay made up of annual pay awards, annual increments and restructuring. As we said when we consulted you, everyone is better off under this deal than you would have been under the old increments and 1% pay awards. The changes are spread out and some people do better than others along the way but will end up in a reformed pay structure that is better for all.

We understand that it is complex if you are in group 3 and the RCN have confused people by saying that staff in this group would get 3% from April. If that had been the case, it would have been clearly stated in our materials.

Our priority throughout the negotiations was to get as much money for as many people as possible. We are working with employers and other trade unions to make this complex transition as smooth as possible.

For up to date information please look at these tools on the NHS employers web site here http://www.nhsemployers.org/case-studies-and-resources/2018/07/resources-to-help-you-understand-your-pay

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