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  • This study day is the first of two that aim to consolidate and advance practice in dietetic Book Onlinemanagement of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) using and evidenced based and patient centred approach. 

    It commences with a brief introduction to IBS – the definition and different classifications, presenting symptoms and possible causes and then, in line with both the NICE 2015 guidelines and BDA guidance, uses a step-wise approach to the dietetic management of IBS. Case-studies are used to enable participants to become confident in the use of a first-line approach, including the use of the BDA factsheets. The evidence and principles supporting the use of a low FODMAP diet is covered and again case-studies used to enable participants to gain confidence in the use of a low FODMAP diet as a second-line approach.

    Whilst the first day introduces the use of a low FODMAP diet as a second-line approach, the second day will solely focus on the dietetic support required to enable patients to follow a low FODMAP diet and then how to re-introduce foods with a high FODMAP content back into the diet to prevent unnecessary over-restriction.

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