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  • Cambridge Diabetes Education Programme

  • Addenbrookes Hospital

  • CDEP supports non-diabetes and diabetes specialist healthcare professionals demonstrate their CED Endorseddiabetes competency levels as per the national diabetes competency frameworks.  Numerous topics are available to choose from and can be completed in bite-sized chunks. 

    The website can be access via a tablet, computer or smart phone with internet connection. Robust feedback from patients, carers or peers on their diabetes practice can also be obtained via CDEP’s secure feedback portal.  CDEP certificates and feedback can be used as evidence for appraisals and revalidation.  
    85% of people using CDEP report an improved or significantly improved level of competency following completing a topic.


    £25 per registration which is valid for 2 years and allows access to all topics currently available as well as those developed within the 2 year registration period. 

    Some organisations have provided free access to their staff via bulk registration purchases, if you are eligible for free registration, please contact CDEP to find out.

    CDEP is accessible at any time, in any place with internet connectivity from a tablet, smartphone or computer. 

    15 topics are currently available, amounting to 30 hours of diabetes CPD, and can be worked through at leisure.

    For Clinical questions, please contact: Candice Ward - Lead CDEP Educator, Addenbrooke's Hospital
    E: candice.ward@addenbrookes.nhs.uk

    For Registration and Administrative questions, please contact: Jasmin King - Course Administrator, Addenbrooke's Postgraduate Medical Centre T: 01223 - 586945 Ext: 6945
    E: jk698@medschl.cam.ac.uk


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  • Online: www.cdep.org.uk

  • Endorsed by the British Dietetic Association