• This Event was held 8 months ago
  • Adult Weight Management

  • Behaviour Change Training

  • Delivered by Dympna Pearson and Clare Grace [authors of Weight Management A Endorsed Eventpractitioners Guide],

    This course delivers a succinct update on current evidence, and the challenges of its practical
    application. It is conveniently delivered in one day and will include important take home messages that can be applied to everyday practice.

    Programme highlights include what and how to assess, evidenced based dietary treatments,
    reflecting on attitudes and stigma, community support for the bariatric patient and measuring service outcomes.

    For further information contact: Dympna Pearson, Behaviour Change Training (BCT)

     T: 01509 413 643 E: dympna.pearson@bctonline.co.uk



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  • 07/03/2018 09:30

  • 07/03/2018 17:00

  • Heythrop College
    University of London
    W8 5HN

  • Endorsed by the British Dietetic Association