Tuesday, 27 July 2021 9am – 5pm e-learning Virtual Classroom

Facilitator: Aimee Postle

This newly developed blended learning  course consists of  a self-study online module and a one-day training course.

  • Online module:

Will help you to build your confidence when engaging with media, both reactively and proactively.

It will provide you with context and understanding of how the UK media operates; the media relations process; and how you can engage professionally and effectively with journalists across print, broadcast and online outlets.

On completion, you will be equipped to manage pre-record and written media responses.

  • Virtual Classroom course

This one-day course builds upon the self-study you have already completed during the online module. Having reviewed the changing media context, relationships with journalists, and compelling content, you will now have a go at pitching your stories and completing practice interviews. This course is suitable for those relatively new to engaging with the media and will also provide practice and feedback opportunities for those with existing media engagement experience.

In order to attend the practical workshop delegates must have completed the online module

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Introductory offer to BDA members only 

Cost: £500