Food Matters Live - Call for speakers

We are looking for speakers for Food Matters Live in November (20-22 November) there are opportunities to speak in one of the seven seminar streams .... (Future of food retail, food futures, tackling obesity, free from allergy and intolerance, nutrition for health and wellbeing, packaging: innovating through design, marketing matters) For more details on the streams please refer to the website

How to apply?

To be considered please provide your full details, submission stream, proposed title and short summary of what you plan to talk about. Please email to

Future of food retail

This seminar stream will look at the key issues shaping the future of food retail. Experts from multiple retailers, independent stores, farm shops, plus high street food retailers will explore a range of themes including: accessing the innovations shaping growth categories including free-from, natural and ‘better for you’; the future of own label; trends driving growth in food-to go; sustainable retailing; the future of retail in a digital world; and the modern shopper’s approach to food, drink and nutrition.

Food futures

This series of new seminars will put the spotlight on the innovative products, processes and new technologies shaping the future of food and drink production and business. Themes will also cover: sustainable diets, global markets, innovation through collaborative partnerships, securing investment and understanding leading food and drink accelerator programmes.

Tackling obesity

Dedicated to addressing the policy framework and industry responsibility to tackling obesity, this seminar programme will feature policy makers alongside industry experts from across the food, drink and foodservice sectors to discuss latest initiatives in addressing the obesity burden. The UK government’s ambition for a voluntary sugar reduction programme across key categories will be a central theme and will be addressed through manufacturer and retailer own brand case studies. Innovative ingredients for reformulation will also be evaluated together with strategies from industry, government and health professionals to enable dietary behaviour change in practice.

Free from, allergy and intolerance

Focusing on innovation underpinning the growth of free-from, these seminars bring together the industry experts to share insight into meeting the ever-growing consumer demand; the R&D advancing both nutrition and taste profiles; supply chain management; clean label; free-from in retail and the wider eating out sector; together with global opportunities.

Nutrition for health and wellbeing

Featuring over 70 leading speakers from across the food, nutrition and health sectors, this series of seminars will examine the latest innovations advancing nutrition for health and wellbeing.

Themes include: new developments in nutrition for healthy ageing; advances underpinning sports and active nutrition; new ingredients and research leading to innovations in nutrition and functional health products to aid digestive health, weight wellness, cognitive health and performance and immune health.

It will also cover how to manage non-communicable disease through good nutrition strategies, personalised nutrition as well showcase best practice case studies of improving nutrition in community settings.

Packaging: innovating through design

How is packaging design shaping the food, drink and functional health and wellbeing brands of the future? How can creativity in packaging design consumer purchases? What do millennials and generation Z look for in brand packaging? These are some of the themes that leading industry experts, packaging designers, brand owners and leading agencies will be answering in these seminars.

Marketing matters

Brand owners, brand managers of own label, nutrition experts and brand agencies will discuss innovative marketing strategies for the food, drink and nutrition industry. Content marketing, social media, creative communications, personalisation, marketing healthier options in practice and using neuro-marketing and behavioural science to advance understanding of consumer food choices are among the themes on the agenda.