Adrian Hodgson, BSc PhD

Adrian Hodgson, BSc PhD

Head of Nutrition Innovation at Spoon Guru

Adrian will present on technology as an enabler for making better food choices

Summary With 64% of the world’s population now following some form of exclusion diet, the segment of people that require tailored food choices, often with multiple requirements, is larger than it has ever been. This presents a difficulty for people trying to find the right foods either due to allergies, intolerances or to improve overall health. Technology is an enabler of making
better food decisions. Spoon Guru are helping people find foods easier. This presentation
will explore latest insights and technologies and how they can in turn promote public health

About Adrian - Dr Adrian Hodgson specialises in helping people and businesses make better food decisions more often. This has stemmed from his PhD academic research into the effects of nutrition on physical performance and health at the University of Birmingham. Using his knowledge in nutrition research combined with behavioural insights, he applies evidence based strategies
to businesses through innovation of food and drink products and/or technologies. Adrian
currently works for Spoon Guru as Head of Nutrition Innovation to help shape nutrition
science within the business.

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