Dr Amanda Avery

Associate Professor (Nutrition & Dietetics), University of Nottingham

Amanda is presenting on successful behaviour change in weight management - the role of goal setting in the cutting edge of obesity research breakout session 

What will the session address?

Setting goals is important in any lifestyle modification programme. Weight loss targets are important as they regulate behaviour by affecting attention, decisions, effort, and task persistence. It is normal practice to encourage ‘realistic’ weight loss and yet obese patients may have much higher personal targets. This presentation will question healthcare practice in setting realistic goals given that non-attainment does not necessarily stop successful weight losers from maintaining weight loss.

About Amanda -  Amanda is a RD with over 20 years experience working as a community/public health dietitian in the NHS before academia.

She is past Chair of the BDA’s Obesity group and a committee member of EFAD’s Public Health specialist group. 

She was also involved in the Public Health England task group investigating fiscal and other measures to reduce the consumption of sugar sweetened foods and beverages.  She has active research which is on-going looking at weight management across the first five life stages including both pregnancy and post-natal period and what helps to make interventions effective. Other research activity includes weight management and diabetes and exploration of micronutrient deficiencies associated with obesity. For the past 9 years Amanda has worked at the University of Nottingham, as part of the team delivering the Masters of Nutrition and Dietetics programme and is course director for the portfolio of postgraduate modules including Obesity management, Paediatric Nutrition, Diabetes and Public Health Nutrition.