Andy Jones

Andy Jones

Chair of Public Sector 100 group, PS100 Group & Fellow Institute of Hospitality

Andy will present on Economic Scene Setting and the Impact of Brexit

The talk will address the following questions

  • What are the implications of Brexit on the dietitian?
  • Where will we see the most impact of Brexit?
  • Working to overcome these barriers and challenges

About Andy - Andy Jones, Chair of PS100, Immediate Past Chair of the Hospital Caterers Association (HCA), Partner in Nutrition and Hydration Associates has been a stalwart of patient catering for over 30 years, with the key influence being the delivery of a nutritious and wholesome food and hydration service to all patients at ward level.

Andy’s mantra is to “treat every patient as if he or she is a member of your own family”, regardless of their length of stay in hospital and to eradicate malnutrition. When ill, it is about eating for GOOD HEALTH

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