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Anthony is taking part in the Dragon's Den of Functional Foods session

What is this session ... What is the Value of Functional Foods and What Role do they Play in Helping People’s Lives.

Listen to our panellists pitch their view on functional foods and vote for your preferred scenario with a chance to discover, learn and celebrate all that is functional foods.

What Anthony plans to discuss Food is not medicine and you aren't what you eat.

The idea that food is medicine does a diservice to both food and to medicine. Although fortification of foods can be of great benefit in improving health, the more we medicalise our food, the more we are forced to eat alone. This constant individualisation of our diets shuts us off from foods great power, to bring us together.

About Anthony - Anthony Warner is a professional chef and creater of The Angry Chef blog. In 2017, he was named on the Telegraph's Food Power List of tastemakers changing the way we eat and drink. He writes a column for the The Sunday Times and also contributes to New Scientist, The Sun, The Guardian and The Pool, covering food science and nutrition. His first book, The Angry Chef - Bad Science and the Truth About Healthy Eating was published by Oneworld in July 2017, and has been translated into fourteen languages. He is currently writing The Truth About Fat, to be released in January 2019. He was once asked live on Radio 4's if he would eat his own dog.

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