Dr Clare Pettinger RD RNutr (Public Health)

Lecturer Public Health Dietetics, University of Plymouth

Clare is delivering a workshop Sustainable Diets for your Dietetic practice - getting started in the Sustainable diets for your dietetic practice - getting started breakout session

What will the workshop cover ...

Following the recent publication of the updated BDA Sustainable Diets Policy, the working group who created the document are now working on a supplementary ‘toolkit’, which aims to support dietitians in their practice to apply some of its recommendations.

This interactive workshop is intended to provide dietitians with a clear overview of this emerging topical area. It will focus on practical ideas for how you can get started to better engage and embed sustainability principles into your practice. Discussions will include an initial stage draft of the toolkit and an acknowledgement of the potential pitfalls of trying to eat more sustainably.

About Clare - Clare is an experienced lecturer at University of Plymouth. With a track record in ‘food choice’ research, she is currently engaged in research which includes ‘sustainability for dietitians’. She is an inspiring and informed educator, frequently acting as advocate for her professions, offering expert consultancy on sustainable food related issues to the media and local/regional/national networks. Clare believes strongly that new approaches are required to tackle current local (and global) health and social wellbeing challenges.
Clare’s dedication to sustainability won her a highly commended 2017 SSTAR award for ‘sustainability in the curriculum’. She also led an interactive sustainability workshop at the International Congress of Dietetics in Sept 2016, and is currently in the working group who created the BDA Sustainable Diets policy (and forthcoming supplementary toolkit).
Clare is an active member of Food Plymouth CIC, sits on the editorial committee for the ‘Urban Food Futures’ online magazine (https://urbanfoodfutures.com/ ) and has recently been invited to sit on the Food Research Collaboration advisory board.