Duncan Stephenson

Director of External Affairs and Marketing, Royal Society for Public Health

Duncan is presenting on Size Matters: The impact of upselling in the cutting edge of obesity research breakout session 

What will the session address?

Food manufacturers and retailers have taken positive steps in the area of labelling and reformulation, but these efforts may be undermined by marketing and promotion activities such as upselling. Upselling is an under-researched area and both RSPH and Slimming World collaborated on a piece of research to better understand it in relation to obesity.  We estimated that being upsold to could lead to an additional 17,000 calories a year! This session will cover off the report "Size Matters", including where upselling takes place, what is being upsold, and what can individuals do to resist the upsell?

About Duncan - As Director of External Affairs and Marketing for the Royal Society for Public Health, Duncan has responsibility for all areas of external communications, including developing the organisation’s voice on public health issues. Duncan has over 15 years’ experience in campaigns, media relations and public affairs working mainly on health and wellbeing issues.
Duncan has been behind many of RSPH’s high profile and successful campaigns on issues including: social media and young people’s mental health; creating outdoor smoking exclusion zones; Health on the High Street - a national campaign to make High Streets more health promoting; drug policy reform; and developing more innovative ways of labelling food and drink including alcohol calorie and activity-equivalence labelling.

Prior to joining RSPH, Duncan looked after parliamentary and stakeholder relations for the Care Quality Commission. As Head of External Affairs at the YMCA, Duncan set up the All Party Parliamentary Group on Body Image and was instrumental in the Campaign for Body Confidence, now the BeReal Campaign.  He has previously worked for industry and at Unilever UK supported their response to the Public Health White Paper, covering issues such as food labelling, marketing and advertising to children and product reformulation.

Outside of work, Duncan is a trustee of the People’s Health Trust.

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