Hannah Crawford MSc

Community Dietitian, Isle of Man Department of Health and Social Care

Hannah is presenting an evaluation of current gluten-free prescribing practices on the Isle of Man in the Gluten & Wheat Free Update breakout session hosted by BDA Gastroenterology Specialist Group.

Find out more about this work Hannah undertook, aimed to evaluate current prescribing practice alongside patient experiences in order to make recommendations and inform health service managers. The study consisted of 3 parts, to examine demographic information, the cost associated with current practice and patients experiences.

About Hannah - Hannah Crawford is a Dietitian and works as part of a small team to provide Dietetic care for the Isle of Man population. In addition to this, Hannah has completed a post graduate course in Sports Nutrition and supports young people on Island through the Isle of Man Institute of Sport who aspire to compete at national and international level. For the most part, Hannah is interested in nutrition related health service improvement projects which subsequently reduce costs. She has recently completed her Masters project which was aimed to evaluate patient experiences of gluten-free prescribing on the Isle of Man and would like to share her findings with you.