Dr Helen Croker BSc RD

Research Dietitian/Senior Research Associate, UCL

Helen is presenting behavioural research and obesity: harnessing habits to improve outcomes in the cutting edge of obesity research breakout session.

What will the session address?

This presentation will provide an overview of what behavioural approaches are and how they apply to obesity. The focus will be on habit formation theory, with some background about this approach and an overview of the work carried out at UCL. This includes 2 trials- a primary care intervention for adults and a health promotion intervention for preschoolers- and work exploring how the interventions are working.

About Helen - Helen is unit manager of Obesity Policy Research Unit, at UCL. Research includes promoting healthy pregnancies to improve child health and scoping policies to prevent obesity in the early years. She also works in the Department of Behavioural Science and Health, also at UCL, and is working on a large trial evaluating a lifestyle intervention based on habit-theory for cancer survivors. Previously, she has worked on a number of obesity treatment and prevention evaluations, including for childhood obesity, Change4Life, the NCMP. She regularly presents and trains health professionals in behaviour change. She is a committee member of the BDA Obesity Specialist Group and Secretary for the charity Weight Concern.