Dr Hilda Mulrooney, PhD, RD

Dr Hilda Mulrooney, PhD, RD

Senior Lecturer in Nutrition, Kingston University & Committee Member of BDA Obesity Specialist Group

Hilda is presenting on the latest developments in reformulation with Belinda Quick

What will the session address?

Reformulation is big news in the UK at the moment, but what are the drivers behind it and what does it mean for dietitians? This session will consider the current state of play; where we are now, where we hope to be and why.

About Hilda - Registered Dietitian with a PhD in Nutrition. She currently works as a Senior Lecturer in Nutrition at Kingston University in London, having previously held dietetic posts within the NHS in public health, primary care & secondary care. She is an active committee member of the Obesity Group of the British Dietetic Association (formerly domUK), and is Best Practice coordinator for the group. She develops responses from the group to a range of national consultations, including NICE. She is also a member of the Royal College of Physicians Advisory Group on Weight and Health, and the domUK/Childrens Food Campaign ‘Junk free checkouts’ working group. In addition, she is a committee member of the European Specialist Dietitians Network for Obesity.