Jacqueline Walker

Jacqueline Walker MSc BSc RD

Tayside Nutrition MCN Improvement and Development Programme Manager, NHS Tayside & Professional Dietetic Adviser, Scottish Government

Jacqueline will present a case study on getting dietitians in GP services

Summary - This session will provide an insight into how dietitians can work differently within GP services by using examples from the Moden Outpatient Programme GI Workstream and Tayside MCN. In additional to exploring how dietitians can provide extra value and help find the win-win for the NHS and service users.

About Jaqueline - Jacqueline qualified as a dietitian from RGIT and works as a dietitian within the nutrirtion MCN in Tayside and at Scottish Government in the Modern Outpatient Programme and is the Clinical Lead for Coeliac Disease in Scotland. She won the BDA Dame Barbara Clayton Award for Innovation and Excellence in Dietetic Practice in 2012 and was Complete Nutrition's Coaeliac Disease Professional of the Year 2014.