Kate Arthur RD

External Scientific Affairs and Nutrition Manager, Alpro

Kate will present Behaviour change for the public – how Alpro are engaging consumers in sustainable diets in the Sustainable diets for your dietetic practice - getting started breakout session

In this session Kate Arthur will allude to her role as a Dietitian at Alpro in inspiring people about plant-based eating.  She will highlight who the Alpro shopper is and how Alpro are driving plant-based relevancy through insights, various strategies, campaigns, partnerships and education.

About Kate - Registered Dietitian with over 18 years’ experience in the food retail and manufacturing industry. Since 2005 Kate has held the position as External Scientific Affairs and Nutrition Manager at Alpro UK and is responsible for development and implementation of Alpro’s nutrition and science strategy.  This includes advice on nutrition labelling and nutrition communication strategies for customers, healthcare professionals and external liaison. Kate is passionate about providing nutritional advice that is based on sound science yet is practical, simple, realistic and accessible for all.