Louise McCombie. BSc RD

Research Associate, University of Glasgow

Louise is presenting on The Diabetes REmission Clinical Trial (DiRECT): the central role of dietetics in the cutting edge of obesity research breakout session 

What will the session discuss?

Year one outcomes for the Diabetes REmission Clinical Trail (DIRECT) have been published. The dietetic profession was key to this ground breaking study. Background, study details and key results will be presented as well as information on the continued trial.

About Louise - Registered Dietitian with 18 years experience in weight management. Previously worked in medicines management with continued interest in prescribing practice. Original member of Counterweight progressing through team leader for Scottish Government activity 2006-2012 then Chief Operating Officer of Counterweight Ltd.  Took up position of Research Associate with DiRECT in January 2016 and now working on the subsequent extention study DiRECT-X (3-5 year follow up). Interest in NHS policy and strategy and health economics. Lead author in 2017 BMJ paper 'Beating Type 2 Diabetes into Remission'

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