Mariƫtte Abrahams MBA RD PhD cand.

Mariëtte Abrahams MBA RD PhD cand.

Personalized Nutrition business consultant & Founder, MA Consulting

Mariette will present the Future of Smart Technology and Personalised Nutrition

This session;

  • We explore how tech-enabled personalised nutrition products are influencing food choices
  • We will share research highlights looking into the attitudes and perceptions of new technologies amongst dietitians
  • We will present how to futureproof the profession through creativity, learning and changing mindsets.

About Mariette - Mariëtte Abrahams is an experienced business consultant, entrepreneur and freelance dietitian. She has a career spanning over 20years in the clinical, medical nutrition and personalized nutrition industry. She runs her niche online consultancy from her base in Portugal, bridging the gap between industry, academia, technology and health practitioners by helping start-ups and corporates to create and innovate in the emerging tech-enabled personalised nutrition industry. She has carved out a new career path by combining her business and nutrition skills, providing business development, creative problem solving and strategy services to industry.

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