Professor Mary Hickson, PhD, RD

Professor Mary Hickson, PhD, RD

Professor of Dietetics, University of Plymouth

Mary will present on Future Dietitian 2025

The talk will discuss the following questions:

  • What is the vision for change in the dietetic workforce of the future?
  • What will the future dietetic workforce look like?
  • What changes are happening now and what is proposed for the near future?

About Mary -Professor Mary Hickson qualified as a dietitian in 1989 from the University of Surrey. She worked in a variety of clinical specialities, finally specialising in nutritional care of older people. In 1998, she began a study to investigate ways to improve nutritional care on acute elderly medicine wards, which led to her doctorate in 2002 with Imperial College London. She went on to lead research in the Trust aiming to increase the research capacity in the allied health professions. She also continued to research areas of dietetic practice and nutrition in older people. In Jan 2016 Mary took up a chair in dietetics at the University of Plymouth where she leads research within the Dietetics, Human Nutrition and Health research group.

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