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A person with dysphagia (swallowing difficulty) must have fluids that flow slowly. That is achieved by adding thickener. However, it’s a stressful and time consuming task attempting to add the right amount with a scoop. So you can prescribe with confidence and know your patients will never add too much thickener again, swap a scoop for our sachets and make a Slõ Drink.

We have tested our thickener in all the drinks someone could need or want to see how each ones’ fat, sugar, pH levels and temperature affect the thickeners’ ability to thicken; then calculated the amount needed to make one Slõ Drink to an ideal (IDDSI) consistency and put it in a sachet.

Carers simply mix a sachet with a specific volume of that drink to make a Slõ Drink. It will always look and clear and bright as an ordinary drink and taste as good as it should – it just flows slowly and will be safer-to-swallow. Slõ Vitamin Sprays are the latest addition to our range. The 1st Vitamin Sprays for dysphagia, your patents can safely spray a specific dose of vitamins on their inside cheek.

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