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Tanita are the global leader in Bio-electrical impedance and Body Composition monitoring, with a world-renowned reputation for having the most reliable & accurate devices available. Tanita created the world’s first BIA device & have over three decades of experience supplying clinicians and researchers in areas such as Diabetes, Oncology & Transplant, with over 30 million units globally. Tanita technology has the highest level of clinical validation and certified accuracy on the market. Furthermore, with the advancements of multiple frequency technology, coupled with the development of non-invasive cellular reactance measurements, Tanita offer superior insight into body composition & cellular health with 40 different measures that are trusted by experts worldwide. Dietitians and health professionals continue to use Tanita BIA to help not only client & patient engagement, but to provide in-depth insights into intervention effectiveness & tangible feedback, assisting BDA members to achieve the best results in their practice. Speak to a member of the Tanita team to try the new advanced technology, discuss how it is used in NHS departments, such as; cystic fibrosis, bariatrics, physiotherapy, as well in private weight management clinics & how your team can integrate Tanita technology

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